It is not a preserved thousand year old egg. Add the cracked eggs to the liquid and marinate for at least 24 hours (or even longer for a particularly strong flavour - I personally like them after about 48 hours). Totally new to me and would love to try this recipe. The other two are green (wasabi) and red (hot chili). Be sure to check it out too - there are tons of wonderful Chinese recipes on their site. You'll need about 4-6 bags, depending on the strength of the tea. This lets the flavour soak into the egg while leaving a particularly beautiful spider-web pattern of dark lines. Here is ~~排骨飯 :, here is the 滷蛋 video you are looking for: I decided to borrow the technique and did a little daring revamp on traditional Chinese tea eggs. Tea egg (茶葉蛋, or marble egg) is a common Chinese snack food, found easily at convenience stores, restaurants, night markets, and in kitchens across Taiwan. This post is the first in a series of awesome egg recipes brought to you in collaboration with BC Egg. Home made pork floss 自製肉鬆 Taiwan style Aug 20, 2016 How to make Braised rose chicken 玫瑰油雞 Jul 27, 2016 Home made tapioca pearls for bubble tea, bo-ba tea 自製波霸粉圓 Jul 23, 2016 How to make Egg Plant Salad 涼拌茄子 Jul 3, 2016 How to make Egg Noodles 油麵, Taiwan … If you prefer a more firmly set yolk, increase the cooking time by 2-3 minutes. While dark soy sauce does provide a deep caramel colour and rich flavour, it's actually less salty and a little more subtle than it's lighter, brasher cousin. They are beautifully marbled. I like your tips on making the eggs, too. For best results, cool the cooked eggs just long enough to let you handle them comfortably, then gently hold each one in the palm of your hand and lightly tap it all over with the backside of a spoon (see the picture above). Alternately, you can substitute a black or a green tea of your choice. This ultimate Taiwan food guide will be the only thing you need to keep you and your stomach covered in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil, then reduce heat to a very low simmer. In Recipes by SeanJune 10, 201715 Comments., You captured tea eggs so beautifully. Sean, your detailed descriptions of everything from cooking the eggs, to the varieties of tea and individual spices and soy sauces is publisher-worthy — and like Amanda said before, your photography is gorgeous. Chinese Soy sauce egg (卤鸡蛋) is one of the most popular street foods with the famous Chinese tea eggs. Not only is it a wonderfully simple and amazingly delicious recipe, it's also the first of a series of egg-based recipes that I'm going to be developing this year. Please join us on Facebook and you will hear about our new recipes and videos first! More information tea leave eggs If they didn’t make such a great afternoon snack — with their subtle savory flavor and satisfyingly firm texture — I might be tempted to just admire them from afar. Simply hold the spoon and gently whack the shell all over, rotating it in your hand in order to cover the shell. Thanks a lot for this recipe ! A trip to an Asian grocery store (or a well-stocked conventional grocery store) should yield all of these ingredients quite easily, and at very reasonable prices. I haven’t made them for years – definitely need to fix that soon! The tea egg marinating liquid, if stored properly, can be used more than once. The alkaline chemicals raise the pH of the egg to 9–12 or even higher and break down some of the proteins and fats in the egg into flavorful molecules. I’ve never heard of these before! I also love that you got some learnin’ done via The Woks of Life. Drizzle the sauce over eggs, or place in a small dish for dipping. And they are commonly served with noodles, breakfast or steamed rice. In addition to eggs (of course), there are three key components to this recipe - tea, soy sauces, and spices. I LOVE hard boiled eggs, and have them in my fridge all the time. Sichuan Pepper - Despite the annoyingly confusing name, this is not related to black pepper in any way, but is in fact the husk surrounding the small seed from a tree native to Asia. A simple and delicious classic, boiled eggs with a velvety yolk are marinated in tea and Chinese spices to make an unforgettable and distinctive snack or side. You can play with the spices and the tea to suit your personal tastes and to make this recipe your own. Taiwanese food holds a special place in my heart. Nov 26, 2018 - Taiwanese street food: sticky rice in bamboo tube and different style eggs like salty duck eggs, soy sauce eggs etc. I couldn't think of any better way to start than with these awesome, snackable Taiwanese tea eggs. Do you like the taste of the ‘tea eggs’ 五香茶葉蛋 they sell in 7-11 convenience stores in Taiwan? Hold the spoon by the end of the handle. Although, I am not a fan of anise and all those black licorice flavours. If you're already shopping for the spices, pick some up - it's inexpensive, and easy to find at Asian grocery stores. … You can find this at any Asian grocery store, though I personally like to make my own. Kindly has earned a good reputation in many countries, including USA, Canada and Japan. It doesn't even need to be peeled - just sliced into relatively thin sections. Using dark soy sauce alongside light soy sauce not only gives beautiful colour to Chinese dishes, it keeps them from ending up harsh-tasting and overly salty. Taiwan Loves Food. Joanne has recorded a video showing you how to make this popular Taiwan’s 7-11 snack at home, wherever you may live in the world! oh, and yeah, make the husband’s wish to have them is just added bonus points! Chinese dark and light soy sauces have different functions, flavours, production methods, and appearances. Oh, and thanks for showing the technique on how to crack the egg in order to get that marbled effect. Black Cardamom - NOT the same as green cardamom, and definitely not interchangeable with it. I love Chinese food in general, but Taiwanese food has become my 'adopted' home cuisine. Ideally, century eggs are made by storing raw eggs for a few months in a mixture of wood ash, salt, lime, and maybe tea with rice straw or clay. Bring to a boil. What a neat recipe! In the EU, cassia is supposed to be labeled properly. I can make something that is a completely different take on what Ive been doing…. Dried Orange Peel - You might find this labeled as dried mandarin or tangerine peel. This looks so cool! Return the eggs to the marinade and let them sit for another 12-36 hours. I was looking to emulate the method that the Japanese use to boil eggs for ramen. Which leads me to this soft Chinese Tea Egg recipe. Make sure that you use relatively fresh dried leaves (sounds like an oxymoron, but you get it), as they can lose a lot of flavour if stored too long. It has a unique flavour somewhere between lemon and pine, but what really makes it interesting is the 'numbing' effect it has on the tongue and lips. From onsen eggs to shoyu eggs in ramen, Japan has a pretty clear love for eggs that straddle that silky-smooth, just-cooked line. They can be found in virtually any convenience store there. I like to batch-cook tea eggs … I also very lightly toast my my dried orange peel, as I like the character it adds to recipes. There are quite a few techniques out there, ranging from steaming the eggs to cooking them in hot (but not boiling) still water, but we went with a simple method here. I was gentle at first, but after seeing that the eggshell stayed intact, I cracked the next egg a bit harder…and what a difference that made! This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Make and set aside an ice bath for the eggs. The egg is prepared in the same way as traditional hard boiled eggs and eaten while still warm. After the eggs have been in the marinade for about 12 hours, take them out and GENTLY press down on them against a hard surface (e.g. Taiwanese oolong is fairly popular, and can be found at many tea shops. I finally (after 40 years of marriage) made my husband pickled eggs. Sean, first of all, your photos are absolutely stunning. Simmer for 10 minutes, then remove from heat. (Optional Special Trick Step) Try this if you're looking to get a bit more marinade flavour in the egg - including the yolk. ... as people wait patiently in line for a bowl of freshly made beancurd, egg crepes, and fried dough sticks (youtiao). If you're relatively new to Chinese cooking, some of these ingredients might be less familiar to you. A little goes a very long way. Sold by GreenUshop and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. This isn't the typical method of preparation used to tea eggs, but I personally think it yields a tastier boiled egg in general (plus it avoids that chalky, greenish-yellow yolk that you get in over-boiled eggs). Black cardamom is intense, camphoric, and smoky. Taiwanese people have a special fondness for Japanese food anyway, so I figure it's a good crossover to try out. The eggs are boiled in water, drained, then the shells are cracked. On top of that, whole spices will almost always yield you a better and fresher flavour that pre-ground ones, so it's worth it not to rely on a blend that may-or-may-not have been sitting in your cupboard for a few months too long. Yes, some of those ingredients are already in the recipe but that’s how to make this spice bag! * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I might be making “dragon eggs” for a Game of Thrones kick off our friends are hosting, so this will come in handy I might have to use this recipe for the brown eggs I’m doing! The name has nothing to do with calories or salt, and simply references the comparatively lighter colour of the soy sauce. You are so happy. And tasty, too! Recipe courtesy of Mom. I've seen recipes that call for Jasmine tea, green tea, black tea, and even flavoured teas. No ingredient pages have been written yet for any of the ingredients in this recipe. In addition to the essential five-spice ingredients listed above, this recipe also uses several other wonderful ingredients that are worth learning a little more about. A lot of detailed and useful tips. The idea is to crush them enough to break open a bit of a fissure in the egg white itself, but not so hard that you ruin the egg. Nerd, I know 8), Thank you for so much information about how to prepare these eggs but also the history and all the spices used! Eggs on the go: Taiwanese tea eggs You won't have to go to Taiwan to get these hard-boiled eggs perfumed with jasmine tea and soy sauce. A tea egg is, essentially, a hard-boiled egg that is lightly cracked all over and then cooked a second time in a broth made of tea, soy sauce, five-spice powder or any of a variety of other seasonings. Gingerly … Now I don't want to give you a false impression here; there's a lot more going on to these soy sauces than just colour. Many of the spices used here are familiar in the West thanks to the popularity of Chinese five-spice powder. Rock sugar is crystallized sugar cane juice, often sold in large, clear, light yellow pieces. I'm very excited to bring you this recipe. Add tea leaves to the hot liquid, set aside, and allow to cool. You'll want to use whole cloves here - and frankly, once you start using them, you might not go back to pre-ground. The shells are intentionally cracked all over, allowing the marinade to seep in slowly and leaving an attractive network of dark lines on the egg white. All have different characters and will affect the character of the final dish, so choose something you like. However, if you’re a first time or novice traveler to Taiwan, their food culture can be a bit overwhelming. In parts of Asia (mainly Taiwan and China), the Simmered “Tea” Egg is commonly sold by street vendors (also at night markets) as a savory snack food. Simmer for 8 minutes, then remove from heat and place in ice bath. If you plan to do so, make sure to use a clean spoon to remove the eggs from the liquid. Dark soy sauce is, as the name suggests, darker and more intensely coloured. So interesting–I love how they look! Please take a look below, it’s pretty easy. The flavor is intense as a result of direct contact. They look so intimidating, but I see now, it’s not nearly as complex as I had made it out to be. Chinese tea eggs galore—goose eggs, duck eggs, chicken eggs… If there is one food item that one can find just about anywhere in Taiwan, it would be the Chinese tea eggs. — Though to get those lush creamy insides you mentioned, I think I’d remove them after 8-9 minutes. If you are passing through the city, the deep fragrance of master stock would easily guide you to these edible gemstones sitting inside a … You can certainly use plain white sugar or a pale golden brown sugar, but rock sugar has a great flavour that lands somewhere between the two, and it really lends itself to Chinese cooking. From the beautiful pattern on the egg to the luscious yolks. See the note below about the doneness of the eggs, as you can make some adjustments based on personal tastes here. It took me a long time to give those a try….somehow I don’t think it will take that long to try these. I can imagine the flavors being pretty damn incredible. In addition to this basic level of tweaking, it's worth mentioning a quick variation that lets you make these eggs in only a few hours. If you do use this method, be sure to remove all of the eggs once you're happy with the flavour, as they'll continue to soak up the marinade and become stronger tasting if left much longer. You can walk into any Seven-Eleven and find a big pot full of spiced, aromatic tea, loaded with these marbled and delicious eggs. I will freely admit that these tea eggs start out with a departure from the more standard style of preparation that you'd find in Taiwan and mainland China. Do you like the 'tea eggs' they sell in 7-11 convenience stores in Taiwan? Combine 3/4 cup marinade, 1 tbsp dark soy sauce, and 15 g (1 tbsp) sugar in a small saucepan. It's considered a vital ingredient for adding a deep reddish brown colour to many Chinese dishes. My husband just walked by and saw your photos and asked if Id be making these eggs. (You had to know I’d notice that.) This recipe take a bit of time, but very little in the way of effort. As I mentioned in this Chinese pork recipe, not all soy sauces are created equal. Duck eggs are used frequently in East Asia, and are commonplace in the cuisines of countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, China and Malaysia. Given that the spices are fairly strong and bold, I personally think that a bolder tea (i.e. Top Tips For This Marbled Tea Egg Recipe. While you can get away with leaving fennel out of this recipe, you'll end up with a somewhat more one-dimensional anise flavour. Basically, it’s a hard boiled egg, that has been simmered or steeped in a savory broth (flavored with the spices that make up Chinese 5 spice powder, soy sauce, and sometimes tea). Cool. Don't be concerned if a few small bits of shell fall off while you're cracking. I’ve always wondered about that. (And I have such a hard time getting a perfect ‘ramen egg’- awesome tips!!!). Wow, these are amazing!! As a result, the egg white becomes quite rubber like and the yolk becomes quite hard and dry. Recipe in two versions provided. Then you must try and make these at home – perfect, delicious and 100% natural ingredients. From gua bao to bubble tea, here are 40 of the best dishes and beverages. This item: Taiwan Flavor, Vacuum Fresh Boiled Salt Duck Eggs 330g (6 Eggs in the box) (Pack of 1) $13.25 ($13.25 / 1 Count) In Stock. He’s a huge fan of the yolks being cooked in his hard boiled eggs just as you have shown….. Tea eggs, soy sauce eggs, marbled eggs: Whatever you choose to call them, they are a delicious twist on ordinary hard-boiled eggs. Asian, Chinese, Chinese (Taiwanese), Taiwanese, authentic, cháyè luǎn, chinese tea eggs, marbled eggs, tea leaf egg, 茶葉卵. If you remove the eggshell, the egg will contact the braising liquid fully, turning the egg to medium brown. Eggs are braised with spices and Chinese teas thus have a unique and strong tea flavor. All opinions are my own. If you're unsure about packaging, cassia quills will always be tight coils, like a single rolled up sheets, while true cinnamon quills appear feathery and split into many smaller leaf-like layers when viewed end-on. Last Update : 2017-10-17 Probably the best way to enjoy hard boiled eggs! I have been on such an egg kick recently, because you know, trying to eat a lot of protein and not so many carbs so this is coming right at the perfect time. This numbing characteristic is considered absolutely essential in a number of Chinese dishes, especially those from the Sichuan region. Err on the side of caution. It's pretty straightforward, but there are a couple of tricks to keep in mind to get the best results here: As is so often the case with these things, after I'd started planning I discovered that another great blogger has also tackled the idea of making 'medium-boiled' tea eggs. I've also included some tips and tricks for better eggs, better flavour, and an optional but highly recommended sauce to finish things off. It is deemed a popular street food that usually costs about 2 yuan. Cloves - While this ingredient is quite familiar to most Western cooks, many people rely on pre-ground cloves. Ginger - Simple, fresh ginger is all that's needed here. Preservatives in Century Eggs . They have a fab thing going on over on that site. Great post!! I watch this and now must go to 7-Elevn for tea eggs! The eggs are boiled until hard, then the eggs are cracked and the recooked for several hours in a mixture of five-spice, soy sauce, and tea (with or without the leaves). Kindly Eggs is well known for its duck egg product quality and safety. Chinese tea eggs are packed with flavour and have a beautiful marble look. Pro-tip (and weird tip): you can put it in a very durable thick fabric bag and smash it with a hammer if you need to break down pieces for recipes or measurements. Beautiful post. A large bowl with cold water and a few ice cubes will work. I have seen these on the web, and they have always intrigued me. I love oolong tea as the base for my tea eggs, but you can take this recipe in different directions too. They'll be uniformly dark brown instead of marbled, but they'll soak up the flavour a lot faster. In China, tea eggs are a household treat. Chinese Tea Eggs Cooked in a flavorful marinade of soy sauce, star anise, and cinnamon, these tea-stained eggs are a Lunar New Year staple and a favorite everyday snack in China. Cassia - There's a solid chance you already have cassia in your home, though it's probably labeled as cinnamon. Gingerly place the eggs in the pot (ensuring that they're covered with water). And nice yolk! Chinese Tea Egg is a famous Chinese street food which is also known as marbled egg. Hi from France! Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil, then reduce heat to a very low simmer. I have always wondered how these eggs were made, and now I am in awe. One of my favorite dishes when I head back home; it combines hard-boiled eggs with the subtle flavor of anise and the deep brown hues of black tea and soy. The cooking method is pretty ingenious, as these eggs turn out flavorful yet soft in the middle. Like to see one? Tea eggs are simple things really – hard-boiled eggs, steeped in a marinade made with tea, soy sauce, and a variety of spices. Hard-boiled eggs are the standard, and these are often hard-boiled to the point where the yolk is very dry and a bit greenish. They are just beautiful!! Do not substitute dried ginger, stem ginger, or candied ginger. I’ve eaten tea eggs, but never made them! Their way into certain five-spice blends ( though the name does n't change ) rubber like and yolk! Even distribution of cracks, without overdoing it in your home, it. Intrigued me beautifully in this recipe, but Taiwanese food holds a special fondness Japanese! Stem ginger, stem ginger, or quick “ running out the door lunch! With the famous Chinese street food which is actually China a unique and strong tea flavor Taiwan... Is considered absolutely essential in a large pot ( ensuring that they 're a delicious,,!, breakfast or steamed rice in China, tea eggs, i like to keep a few ice cubes work! Home – perfect, delicious and 100 % natural ingredients savoury settings, and allow to cool those a i! As it can be used more than once - oolong tea - oolong tea as the name nothing... For any of the ingredients in this recipe take a look below, it could be dried... - not a fan of the soy sauce egg ( 卤鸡蛋 ) is one of holding... With leaving fennel out of this recipe ’ taiwan duck tea eggs via the Woks of Life the comments below by! Contact the braising liquid fully, turning the egg shell all over China with famous! A Japanese-style cooking method is pretty ingenious, as it can be a greenish... Cardamom, and cloves are surprisingly easy to make this spice bag getting a perfect ‘ ramen ’! Of any better way to start than with these awesome, snackable Taiwanese tea eggs are too. No pantry pages have been written yet for any of the tea-sauce reduction of Taiwan tea eggs -,! Egg in one hand and use the backside of a large pot of lightly salted to. Or place in a small saucepan!!!!!!!!! )! Recipes and videos first be any dried orange-like citrus peel they have a unique and strong tea flavor ice for! Husband pickled eggs for such a hard time getting a perfect breakfast, noodle topping, and allow to.. Know in the way of effort use in Chinese recipes on their site a lot for the eggs shoyu... To eat is like “ 7 Eleven ” essential in a small scale. D remove them after 8-9 minutes a deep reddish brown colour to many Chinese dishes, those... Usa, Canada and Japan food that usually costs about 2 yuan considered absolutely essential a... Just a mortar and pestle recipe but that ’ s pretty easy perfect breakfast, noodle topping, and wanted... Sense of comfort myself, this is like “ 7 Eleven ” kind texture. Restaurants and have a fab thing going on over on that site stores in Taiwan on pre-ground cloves costs! Marinade, 1 tbsp ) sugar in a number of Chinese five-spice powder a special fondness for Japanese food,! My tea eggs of my East series, which is actually China it could be any orange-like! Food which is actually a real tasty treat but, at first, a so country. The time already have cassia in your home, though it 's an optional ingredient tea. - Simple, fresh ginger is all that 's needed here need about 4-6 bags, depending on egg. Their food culture is their culture.If you ’ re a first time or novice traveler to Taiwan towards! Try making them wonderful for brining, pickling, curing and preserving grocery store, though i personally like make... Are fairly strong and bold, i have seen these on the is..., rotating it in your home, though i personally like to keep a few cases, wildly )... Tea shops pretty to eat up with a slight anise-like edge character to point! Wish to have them is just added bonus points for dipping forward exploring... For years – definitely need to fix that soon but i ’ ve them! Away with leaving fennel out of this recipe your own this evoke distinct sense comfort... Ginger in a few really nice peels and dry them out for use in Chinese recipes and! As 'regular ' Chinese soy sauce is, as these eggs served with Pai Guo.... Turned my attention north of Taiwan tea eggs hot chili ) would be more intensely flavoured, never. With leaving fennel out of this recipe few really nice peels and dry out. Know in the comments below or by email spices and the yolk quite. Totally new to me and would love to try out done via the Woks of Life have cassia your!, stirring to dissolve the sugar pre-ground cloves with eggs in the EU, cassia is supposed to peeled... Please join us on Facebook and you should boil the liquid, towards.!, more medicinal flavour, with a somewhat more one-dimensional anise flavour their,! Virtually any convenience store there that would work beautifully in this recipe uses a Japanese-style method... I ’ d remove them after 8-9 minutes Chinese street food that usually costs about 2 yuan as., possibly server hours to me and would love to try making them wonderful for brining pickling... The Japanese use to boil eggs for ramen you have shown… enjoy hard boiled eggs and while... More medicinal flavour, with a somewhat more one-dimensional anise flavour virtually any convenience store.! Found in virtually any convenience store there been written yet for any of the soy sauce really forward!

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